Garage Door Repair

Garages always work until sometimes, they don’t. We understand that! FIX A GARAGE is a team full of fixers who offer top-notch garage door repair services in Toronto & GTA. We understand the mechanism of garages and are efficient at diagnosing what has gone wrong with the garage so you are never left locked out.

Garage Door Repair For All Garage Problems

While driving out or driving in, a garage goes a long way in being a part of your daily life routine. One jam in the spring and you’d be locked out. That is why we do all kinds of garage door repair. Here are the common problems that you can count on us for:

  • Noisy Garage: It is common for a garage door to make a thudding voice while opening or closing or making a squeaking noise from the hinges.
  • Frozen Garage Door: On a frosty day, a garage door stuck up is common. This usually happens due to the moisture and cold temperature.
  • Broken Glass: It is common to damage the glass of your garage door due to playtime accidents. This can also happen due to natural wear and tear.
  • Irresponsive Garage Door: Sometimes, you need a new remote or keypad to operate your garage door or repair the old one if the door does not respond.
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garage door opener repair



How To Maintain And Repair Garage Door

Maintaining a garage door will go a long way in making sure that these common problems do not occur. You should always spend a weekend or two to maintain and repair garage door. Here are some things that you can do to keep your garage running:

  • Act on problems with your garage door early on.
  • Lubricate the hinges and tracks of your garage door from time to time.
  • Make sure that there are no missing hinges, springs or roller bearings.
  • If your garage door is obsolete, consider a new garage door installation.
  • Make sure the motor, spring, door, roller bearings and chains are not damaged in any way.

We Are Professional Garage Door Technicians

When it comes fixing your garage, you can trust our professional garage door technicians. We are known for our services across Region of Waterloo, Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. We have a family of 1000+ happy customers with working garages installed and repaired by our team. Here are the services we offer to our customers to make sure their garage never comes in the way:

Our repair services include garage door opener repair, motor repair as well as spring repair. We also offer quick garage door installation services.

We offer a prompt service with the quick 30-minute response time.

We have waived off $30 service call fee, which means that if ever you find yourself locked out, you can reach out to us for free.

We understand that you can get locked out at any time of the day, that is why we offer 24/7 service in case of any emergencies.

So, if Your Garage Door Won’t Open, Call Us and We Will Fix It Today.