Garage Door Motor Repair

While a garage door looks like a simple mechanism, it’s physics consists of a motoring mechanism which controls its motion. It consists of hinges, pulleys, chains and roller bearings that work together to let you in and out of the garage. There are two types of motors that your garage door may use, the chain-drive motor and the belt-drive. While both these motors are equally durable, some problems still require garage door motor repair.

When Do You Need Garage Door Repair?

A lot can go wrong with your garage door that might often lead you to be locked out. Following are the common problems that need garage door repair:

  • Noisy Garage: Your garage door may make a thudding sound once it opens completely and a squeaky sound while opening.
  • Frozen Garage Door: During extreme cold, there are chances of garage door stuck up as it jams to the floor to the floor.
  • Broken Glass: Since garages and parkways are also the areas of play, breaking the glass of the garage is also quite common.
  • Irresponsive Garage Door: There may be times when your garage door opens and times when your garage door doesn’t open.

Why A Garage Door Won’t Open?

While problems with garage door motor can lead to a jammed garaged, there are also other reasons why your garage door won’t open:

  • The hinges, roller bearings and chain are not properly tightened and fixed to the door.
  • Your garage door and its parts are old and rusted.
  • There is a lack of lubrication on the track, hinges, roller bearings and the chain.
  • There are missing parts of your garage door.
  • The parts inside your garage door may be damaged.

Why Should You Maintain & Repair Garage Door?

Garages often store your home appliances and other important household things. They also give a secondary entry to your house. If your garage door doesn’t work, you stand at a risk of getting locked out or locked in. It is therefore important to maintain the security of you and your house and maintain and repair garage door as and when it’s needed. The first thing to do is to make sure you don’t ignore the signs.

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