Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door work in a very basic motion, they open up and then they close down. However, their anatomy consists of rollers, hinges, tracks, cables and pulleys. A well-installed garage door is usually efficient. But sometimes it does not function. While it is a simple process, a garage door opener repair requires you to know about its mechanism first. It requires you to fix not just the garage door opener but everything about it. Repairing starts by knowing what can actually go wrong with the door and its parts.

Here’s What Can Happen If Your Garage Doors Don’t Work

With garage comes the need for ensuring safety and security. If garage doors don’t work properly, it puts a lot of your household items in jeopardy. People usually store important heavyweight appliances and other important household goods in their garage. Garages also open entry inside the home. This is why it is important to make sure that your garage door is installed safely and securely and is fixed when it needs to be.

Common Problems With Garage Doors

Usually, garage doors start showing signs of obsoleting earlier on. Since garage doors work on a simple mechanism, noticing the problem does not take that long. If your garage door won’t open, here are the possible problems that you should look out for.

  • Frozen Garage Door: The most common problem is the garage door stuck up. This usually happens on a cold or rainy day when the garage door freezes and is stuck to the garage floor. This is usually due to the moisture in the air.
  • Noisy Garage Door: Certainly you don’t want your neighbourhood to know when you come home and when you out. Noisy garage doors would harm your privacy in that sense. It usually occurs due to problems with the hinges or if the parts are obsolete.
  • Irresponsive Garage Door: The most common problem with the garage door opener is that at times, it just won’t respond to the remote control or keypad. One should not keep pressing the buttons at this time as it will hamper with the settings.

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Our team at Fix Garage Doors consists of trusted garage door technicians who understand how important it is to fix garage doors and maintain utmost safety. Across Toronto and GTA, we have fixed and installed garage doors for many homes. If you are ever locked out or have been facing troubles with your garage door jamming, our trained locksmiths will be happy to help you.

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