Garage Door Spring Repair

At FIX A GARAGE, we understand the very anatomy of your garage and offer professional services to fix them from the very core. Your garage door consists of the tiny parts like the spring that ensure that your garage door works properly. That is why we offer garage door spring repair and make sure no detail is left uncatered to. Also called the torsion springs, they are mounted horizontally to your garage door and are an important part of their mechanism.

Complete Garage Door Repair Service At FIX A GARAGE

We know of all the problems that your garage can go through and offer garage door repair service to fix each and every one of them. Here are the common problems that might notice with your garage:

  • Tilted Garage Door: It is common for your garage door to get tilted due to a broken cable.
  • Jammed Garage Door: A garage door stuck to the floor is jammed mostly in winters when the temperatures are too low.
  • Thudding Garage Door: When your garage door opens or closes with a loud thud, it needs to be fixed.
  • Remote or Keypad issues: If there are issues with the battery and antenna of your keypad or remote, the garage door won’t open.

We Fix It All!

Basic Maintenance And Garage Door Repair

If you take out the time for basic maintenance and garage door repair, your garages will work effortlessly and for longer. Here’s what you can do:

  • Tighten the hardware from time to time. This includes checking on the garage door springs.
  • Lubricate your garage door along with the hinges and cable. This will help avoid damage and noise.
  • Check the cables and pulleys for damage. Especially, if you are facing with a jammed door.
  • Test your remote and keypad as well as the autoreverse feature.
  • Make sure no parts of your garage door are obsolete. A damaged part, for instance, a damaged garage spring can cause the other parts to damage eventually.
  • As an when you hear a noise from your garage door, call the technician and do not ignore.

This Will Help You Avoid a Lockout!

Top-Services Offered By Trusted Garage Door Repair Technicians

In case you are ever locked in or out of your garage, we at FIX A GARAGE have the team of professional garage door repair technicians who will be at your parkway within no time.

Along with offering top-notch garage door installation and repair services, following are the reasons why you can trust us with fixing:

Our garage door technician will come anywhere in Region of Waterloo & GTHA to serve you.

We have 1000+ happy customers who have been a part of our family and we are always looking to add more.

We have waived off the $15 fee which means that you can make a service call for free.

We offer 24/7 services and are always prompt during emergencies.

If you have been facing issues with garage lately, call us and have that fixed quickly and efficiently!